Empowering and supporting individuals in our community who are in need by providing them with a warm and supportive home.
Ms. Lacicia

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and support underserved individuals in bridging the gaps through education, opportunities, and a safe home.

Our Vision

We strive to create impactful support for more individuals while strengthening our community within a safe and supportive environment.

Who We Are

The Essence of You LLC provides residential recovery housing in San Diego, CA. Our organization was established and founded by Lacicia Daymon in 2017. Understanding personally the effects of the ongoing stigma of substance abuse disorder, mental illness, justice involvement, homelessness, and feelings of degradation and hopelessness, we were motivated to provide an environment wherein victims of these circumstances can find solace.

Our organization’s recovery house is an environment where all individuals can feel safe, be treated with dignity and respect, and develop the confidence to function independently in the community. We are committed to serving the residents in need with the profound belief that safe housing can end homelessness and build self-reliance.

The Essence of You LLC believes in the need for opportunity and creating a path for a fresh start. Sometimes life can be overwhelming, some people even feel hopeless and do not know how to put everything behind them to start a new journey. Our goal is to ensure that those who come through our doors are committed to change and find their purpose again. As an organization, we want to create unique experiences through education with the goal of providing resources such as financial education, employment, self-improvement tools, and much more. We want to be a pillar in rebuilding our community.

Our organization provides every individual with a vital resource, a safe place that is conducive to their new way of living. We work with countless local community partners to ensure help is available to all individuals in need.