A solace for recovery and new beginnings.

Our residential recovery housing aims to be a home for individuals struggling through life because of their substance abuse, mental illness, homelessness, or circumstances that have pushed them toward hopelessness and degradation. We provide their basic necessities and work to connect them to the tools and resources that allow them to recover and start anew resources.

We maintain a warm and welcoming environment, ensuring our residents have a comfortable place to collect themselves and work to give themselves a fresh start in life.

Our Services

At The Essence of You Residential Recovery Housing, we take very seriously the treatment of substance use disorders because we understand how overwhelming and hopeless it can feel for our residents and their families. We are structured to treat our residents using an approach that addresses the underlying causes of the disease in order to rid the user of a self-destructive and debilitating lifestyle.

We know that substance abuse ruins people’s lives, families, and loved ones due to the insidious nature of this disease. At Essence of You Residential Recovery Housing, we educate residents that willpower alone will not bring about abstinence from substances. We provide the necessary resources for them to achieve abstinence via medication management, individual and group counseling, mental health therapy, 12-step involvement, and engagement in recreational and self-care activities.

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